Amateur Radio Projects

I enjoy building and modifying Amateur Radio equipment, and designing and building gadgets that can be useful in Amateur Radio.

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The Baofeng UV-5R is an inexpensive, popular radio used by many.  I've included some useful information here on this radio including a link to a free "real" user manual for this radio.

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Radio Gear

I have a variety of HF, VHF and UHF Ham Radio gear -- Some new-ish, some old.


Test Gear

I don't have a ton of test gear, but here it is.

73 and Greetings from W0JCM!

This is my Amateur Radio page.  I just put it up this month on the 20th anniversary of first being licensed as a radio amateur in March of 1999.

At age eleven (in 1971) I discovered a dog-eared QST magazine in the local library, and I was hooked! I decided then and there that I would earn enough money mowing lawns and cleaning yards to buy a Heathkit HW-101 CW/SSB HF transceiver--and three years later I had bought the kit, and assembled it.   The HW-101 has long since been lost in moves over the years, but my love of ham radio has not.

I just moved to Port Townsend WA in January 2019 after having had to evacuate wildfires in Northern California.  40% of the homes in our Northern California town of Magalia burned to the ground in the "Camp" fire.  Our home survived intact,  and we sold it to the family of a Paradise Police officer who had been one of many first responders left homeless by the Camp fire.