The Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club is now online with HamWAN.

The club recently installed a HamWAN node at the club radio station (W7JCR) in Cape George (Port Townsend) Washington.  It connects to a HamWAN cell site on Triangle Mountain just outside of Victoria, BC.

HamWAN is independent of the Internet, but it is connected to the internet and therefore allows network connectivity to nearly any site on the Internet world-wide.

Because HamWAN uses amateur radio frequencies in the 5.9 GHz band, use of HamWAN is regulated by FCC Part 97, which regulates amateur radio.

HamWAN is free for use by all radio amateurs, but they do appreciate donations to help pay for operating and expanding the wide-area HamWAN network.  See the web site at http://www.hamwan.org for more details on HamWAN, a map of coverage, and other HamWAN information.


Some information on the HamWAN node at W7JCR:

  • Mounted on a 6 foot mast on the roof of the Cape George Fire Station.
  • Radio is a Mikrotik BaseBox 5 5.9 GHz cellular radio/modem, RB912UAG-5HPnD-OUT, international version. (The US version of this radio does not work for HanWAN!)
  • 30dbi dish with dual polarity antenna (vertical and horizontal polarity)
  • Connected to Triangle Mountain BC, Sector 2, with a signal strength fluctuating between approximately -72 and -85dbm.  The link crosses 40 miles of water on the way to Victoria BC, so the signal strength does fluctuate.
  • The BaseBox 5 radio is configured as the last hop for a /28 subnet of public addresses.  This means that we have 14 public IP addresses that we can use for servers and such.