The Jefferson County Amateur Radio Club (W7JCR) is now connected to HamWAN!

HamWAN is an amateur radio only wide area network similar to the Internet, but separate.

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APRS Igate

This APRS iGate (Internet Gateway) uses a NooElec Nano 3 sofware defined radio (SDR) connected to a Raspberry Pi Zero W running DireWolf APRS software.  APRS devices from a couple of miles away use this to report position and potentially send APRS messages.


Dummy Load and Watt Meter

This oil-cooled dummy load is based on a QST project, but has some improvements made.  It is capable of handling approximately 60 watts dry (no oil), or about 150 watts or so with the resistors immersed in oil.

A removable box mounted on top of the dummy load is a watt meter based on an arduino nano microprocessor board.

Frequency Counter

This arduino based Frequency Counter is based on a project in the excellent book by Jack Purdum and Dennis Kidder, "Arduino Projects for Amateur Radio," I made a few changes and improvements to the authors' design...


Morse Code Keyer

I bought a couple of these keyer kits on eBay for less than $10.  This very capable iambic keyer is based on the Atmel ATTiny programmable microprocessor.  Search on eBay for "Yack keyer" or KQ4BX keyer"


Based on the inexpensive AD9850 based Signal Generator module, this VFO uses an arduino nano as it's processing engine.


Collins 75A-4 Receiver

This is a Collins 75A-4 Amateur Radio Receiver that I inherited from my Father in Law, W2DDB-SK.  The radio had been left in a garage for a number of years before I received it, and it needed a variety of repairs...


40 Meter QRP CW Transceiver

Based on the '49er 40 meter CW transceiver kit, and using a VFO like the one described on this page...

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