QRP 40 Meter Transceiver

I've finished the 40 Meter QRP rig.  Here is the rig with a new wrinkle pain job on the case, shown powered up and connected to a 12 volt battery.






Here is the inside of the unit.  The various cables running back and forth make it look more complicated than it actually is.  The board on the left is a home brew VFO built with an Arduino nano board, and an AD9850 signal generator module used as the oscillator.  The board on the right is a Frog Sounds QRP radio board from a kit sold inexpensively on eBay.

This QRP rig (CW only) puts out about 1.5 watts.  It has a full functioning iambic keyer built in, but it can also accept a straight key.  I based this project on a project from the "Arduino Projects for Ham Radio" book by  Glen Popiel.  I've made a variety of circuit changes and ardiuno code changes.


I'm  just  starting to  assemble  this  radio  into  a case.  I've assembled and tested a '49'er crystal controlled 40 meter transceiver (7.023Mhz), and modified it to be driven by an arduino controlled VFO that I've built.

The VFO used in this project uses a little Nokia 5110 LCD display, but I may replace this with a little nice TFT color display.  Currently the VFO is living on a breadboard, so I need to assemble it into a more permanent form for this project.