Test Gear

Rigol DG1022Z Function Generator

This model has a top end of 25MHz.  Other more expensive models in this line go higher in frequency, but this unit meets most of what I need for signal generation.  I thought about getting a cheap kit-based function generator on eBay, but I wanted a generator with good accuracy and solid stability.  I most recently used this unit to align my 75A-4 receiver.


Component Tester

I love this tester!  It measures resistance, capacitance, inductance.  Tests diodes, transistors, SCRs, you name it.  You can plug in an unknown part, and it will (mostly) tell you not only what the part is, but what it's value is.  And it only cost about $10 on eBay, so you can't go wrong.  If you do any electronics work, this is worth having on hand.  Search on eBay for "Component Tester," and you should find several offerings.

MFJ-469-C Antenna Analyzer

I like building and tweaking antennas.  An antenna analyzer such as this one is a fabulous way to tune and optimize the design of antennas.  This unit covers HF frequencies, along with the 2m and 440 Mz ham bands.

This analyzer does so many things, I can't even begin to list them.   It measures SWR and the bandwidth and resonant frequency of an antenna, and much more.

Hantek 2D72 Dual Channel Oscilloscope...

Multi-meter, and function generator.  The oscilloscope is rated at 70MHz, which I think is a bit optimistic given the fairly low price of the unit.  But it hangs in pretty well, though with some wave form distortion at higher frequencies.  I miss my full-sized scope, but no room for that in my temporary (very small) ham shack.  I really like the portability of this little unit!